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Are you receiving harassing phone calls related to your student loans by debt collectors?


If you’re getting overwhelmed with phone calls by student loan debt collectors, there are a few things that you should know. The following should help you with that:

1. Understand what student loan debt collectors can and can’t do. There are laws that prohibit loan collectors from calling you repeatedly to the point of harassment. In addition, they cannot lie to you about how much you owe, threaten arrest, misrepresent themselves as a figure of the law, etc. The “Fair Debt Collections Practices Act” (FDCPA) will most likely apply and attorney Jeff First can explain the FDCPA to you.

2. Know How To Fight Back. If you have a complaint, you will need serious evidence. Keep a log of how many times they call you, the times, and the different numbers. If you can record them saying obscene things, do so.

3. Lay Ground Rules. Collectors are not to call before 8 AM or after 9 PM unless you grant them your permission. Write a written request to the debt collector regarding when they can and cannot call you and any other harassing conduct. If they continue to call you against your will, you should consider legal action under the FDCPA.