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I found myself sued in connection with my student loan debt. Because the amounts sued upon were significant, I wanted to be sure I found an attorney that could best help me. I discovered Jeff via the Internet. He was able to obtain a settlement for me that contained a healthy discount on the amount owed after we reviewed my financial information. I found Jeff to be knowledgeable and attentive to my concerns. I would recommend Jeff to other former students who find themselves embroiled in litigation.

– Erica G.

I retained Jeff to consolidate certain student loans that I had.  Notification of one loan had come as a surprise to me so I was anxious to obtain the consolidation.  Jeff handled the entire consolidation in a prompt and diligent manner.  I also felt that the fees Jeff charged were reasonable. I would certainly recommend him to others with legal issues pertaining to their student loans.

– Marvin H.

I have a very high student loan debt balance. I retained Jeff for consultation and advice regarding my options.  I wanted to explore the possibility of reaching a settlement or other options like forbearance or deferment.  I found Jeff to be knowledgeable and the advice he gave to be helpful.  His fees are reasonable and he is generous with his time.  I would recommend him to others.

– Kathleen O.

I was sued by the National Collegiate Trust in connection with my student loans.  Naturally because I was sued I wanted to hire an attorney who would give me the proper advice about my options and put me at ease.  I hired Jeff because I felt that he had the knowledge and experience to determine whether I had any defenses to the litigation, and if not, to achieve an amicable resolution.  As it turned out, I did not have defenses and Jeff proceeded to negotiate a payment plan that I could abide by.  I was very happy with the representation Jeff provided.

– Julia H.

I had just left college and had student loan debt that I was unable to pay back at the rate the lender was requesting.  I retained Jeff to give me legal advice regarding my options.  We decided to enroll me in the rehabilitation program so that I could ultimately get out of default status.  I felt that Jeff explained the rehabilitation program to me in a concise and understandable fashion.  I was very pleased with the representation that Jeff provided.

– Ronnie C.

I took out a Parent Plus loan to assist with my son’s education. In 2015, I was faced with a claim being asserted against me by the Justice Department in connection with this loan. I needed to retain a lawyer who understood what legal rights and obligations I had in this situation. I retained Jeff because he is knowledgeable about student loan law and is a conscientious and hardworking attorney. Jeff advised me of the strengths and weaknesses of my case. Ultimately, Jeff negotiated a settlement that was reasonable given the circumstances. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff as a student loan lawyer.

– Joe L.

I retained Jeff to represent me in connection with student loan debt owed to the
educational institution that I attended. I was being aggressively pursued by the university, which was causing me a great deal of stress in my personal life. Together Jeff and I reviewed my financial information and arrived at an amount of funds I could provide to the university on a monthly basis. Jeff then successfully negotiated an acceptable payment plan with the opposing attorney. Throughout this process, I found Jeff to be competent and responsive to my needs. From my first phone call to him, he communicated in a way that helped me thoroughly understand the various processes involved. He was always patient, honest, kind and very personable, easing any ongoing concerns I had and making me feel as though all would work out well. I’m happy to report that we were able to come to a solution amicably! I would highly recommend him to others who find themselves in situations like mine.

– Idara V.